Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council

Mission: The purpose of the Pastoral Council is to provide Counsel and Support to the Parish Priest and encourage parishioners to undertake their due ministry in the parish according to the spirit of the Vatican II decree ‘Lumen Gentium’.  Members of the Parish Council, being practising Catholics, uphold the Catholic ethos. The Council is to discern the pastoral developments and working of the Parish according to the Vision and Mission statement adopted by the Parish.

Members of the St Felix Pastoral Council

Fr Van, Deacon Ronnie, Hop Nguyen, Br Jerry, Maureen Vincent, Line Collet, John Ashe, Alison De Sousa, Joe Michael, Thanh Vu, Gloria Booby, Bev Lamaro, Joe Doumit, Patrick Abou-Rizk, Denice Severi, Charbel Eltaraff, Elias Eltaraff, Aurora Doueihy, Anthony Chadrawy, Phyllis Vujkovic La Salle Principal – Michael Egan & St Felix Primary School Principal – Fran Bonanno.

Parish Finance Committee

Under Canon 537 of universal Church law it is obligatory for parish to have a Finance Committee to advice the Parish Priest. Under canon 532 the Parish Priest is the administrator of the assets of the parish and a Finance Committee acts only in an advisory capacity. The Parish Priest is expected to seek prudent advice from the parishioners for the major directions of his administration. According to the diocesan statutes the parishioners have a right to express their views and a duty to support the Parish Priest in his endeavours for the good of the parish. Through the Finance Committee the parishioners are to seek to lessen the burden of the Parish Priest in administering parish finances, in maintaining parish properties, in planning future capital works and in raising the necessary finances for all these works. At St Felix we have 5 members: Joe Michael, Thanh Vu, Patick Abou-rizk, Debbie Nguyen and Joe Doumit.