I am grateful for this opportunity to welcome newcomers to the parish of St Felix. I am hoping that you will consider enrolling in our parish and become a member. A registration Census Form can be downloaded and is also provided at the back of the church, please complete the form and return it to the parish office when convenient.

As sharers in the role of Christ the Priest, The Prophet and King, the laity have an active part to play in the life and activity of the Church. Their activity is so necessary within church communities that without it the apostolate of the pastors is generally unable to achieve its full effectiveness … the laity with the right apostolic attitude supply what is lacking to their children, and refresh the spirit of pastors and the rest of the faithful (cf.1Cor.16:17-18) Strengthened by the liturgical life of their community, they are eager to do their share in the apostolic work of that community. They lead to the Church people who are perhaps removed from it; earnestly co-operate in presenting the word of God especially by means of catechetical instruction, and offer their special skills to make the care of souls and the administration of the temporalities of the Church more efficient. …..As far as possible, the laity ought to collaborate energetically in every apostolic and missionary undertaking sponsored by their priest.” It is in this spirit of the Decree of second Vatican Council on the laity that St Felix de Valois Parish community approach its Vision and Mission.

Our Community

Since the first Mass dated back to 1839 in Bankstown when it was known as Irish town, our Community has been enriched culturally and demographically. Our parish is also blessed with adequate facilities for education and various ministries. Links are provided for access to our schools websites, being St Felix Primary School and La Salle Catholic College Bankstown.

The Liturgy

The Liturgy is the life of the parish. It is the way in which Christ and His Church touches the lives of each of us, regardless of our level of commitment, the depth of our Faith or the frequency of our involvement. Therefore we plan to train and encourage various Musical and other Altar Ministers to enhance the liturgy.

The sick and the elderly

The parish looks to the sick and elderly for a two-way ministry. Having shared in the passion of our Lord in a special way, the sick and the weak are enriched with experience, patience, and touch of God which in turn will minister those who minister them.

The Young

We will continue to encourage the young to find the expression of the Divine through their talents and youthful vigour.

The Children

Just as Jesus had a special affection for children, our parish will continue to show this affection to them by helping their growth in body, Spirit and mind.

The Poor

Christian love is not complete without the care of the poor. We will continue to contribute to the needs of the poor both in our parish and in other parts of the world.

Holy Mass

At Mass or the Lord’s Supper, the people of God are called together into one to celebrate the memorial of the Lord or Eucharistic sacrifice. It is the obligation of the Faithful Catholics to participate in Mass on the Lord’s day. At this gathering, following the traditions set out in the Acts of the Apostles, singing at least some parts of the Mass is encouraged. If anyone of the parishioners is celebrating a special occasion, like wedding anniversary, birthday, or the anniversary of a deceased relative, he/she is welcome to arrange with priest to join the offertory procession, taking gifts to the Altar.

Only baptised Catholics who have prepared themselves are invited to receive communion. Communion bread is given to the communicant normally in their open hand or tongue; and it is to be eaten at once. Should you see anyone behaving differently, urge them to eat the bread immediately. Sick communicants are welcome to organise with the priest or the acolyte to receive communion at their seats.

The normal posture during the Mass is to stand at all major prayers. However there is no objection to anyone wishing to kneel at any time of the Mass.

Getting together on Sundays is an occasion to greet one another and to celebrate the joy together. Making oneself available for socialising before and after Mass will enhance the celebration of God’s love. Yet a period of silence before Mass, in the church, will help for a devout preparation for the Liturgy and to recollect themselves.

Should you wish to make an offering towards a special Mass Intention, there are Mass Intention envelopes available in the foyer of the church. Recommended stipend for an ordinary Mass Intention is $10 and for a November Mass $20. Intentions could be for the deceased relatives and friends or for a special petition or could be a thanksgiving for a special occasion. Though most of the intentions for the deceased are mentioned in Sunday Mass, the priest will celebrate a Mass each for each of the intentions. Mass stipends are considered as gifts to the priests and is not included in the income of the parish.

All parish Masses will normally have various ministers assisting at the Altar. This is to reflect the communal nature of our liturgy. All Ministers are trained and commissioned for the ministry. Anyone wishing to join any of the ministries is welcome to discuss it with the Parish Priest. According to the need and suitability he will advise the volunteer.

Church decorations reflect the mood of the liturgical season. Use of Green colour in the decorations means it is one of the Ordinary Sundays of the liturgical calendar. Red is reserved for Pentecost and Good Friday as well as the feast of Martyrs. White is for the joy of Easter, the Christmas and the memory
of other saints. Violet is penitential colour and is for Lent and Advent.

Our Plan

We are a People of God, we know that we have not yet become as God wants us to be. But we BELIEVE, we HOPE and we TRY. Therefore in addition to the various Spiritual programs and exercises, we will hold a Jubilee Parish Mission invigorating the faith life of the parish.